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Mom’s Simple, Delicious Chicken Stir Fry Recipe!

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been busy, but thankfully I made it through! I know one thing is for sure–I am so ready for Thanksgiving weekend! Only one more shift tonight stands between me and a big ol’ turkey dinner 🙂 So today I am sharing one of my new favourite recipes! Delicious, chicken stir fry and it’s coming to you straight out of my momma’s kitchen! 🙂 IMG_6303

Here are a few of the main ingredients I like to use. I also use mushrooms, but didn’t have any fresh ones on hand so I used canned this time. You can leave the carrots out,  I just threw them in there because I had a handful left that I wasn’t planning on eating. As always, you can get as creative as you like, chicken stir fry can be anything you want, but I usually try to keep it simple.


I like to get my rice cooking while I do all my prep work. It usually takes about 20 minutes to cook the rice in my little rice cooker so it works out great, everything is usually ready at the same time. I use two cups of parboiled rice and four cups of water. Any long grain rice will do the trick. Another little trick I like to use to help save time is putting my chicken breasts on a baking pan with some parchment paper and chucking it in the oven while I get everything else ready. Sometimes I just bake it until I’m just about ready for it and then finish cooking it in a separate frying pan.


I cut up all my veggies and tossed them in a big frying pan with some extra virgin olive oil. I like to saute them on their own until they are just about cooked before I add in the chicken.


I took my chicken breast out of the oven and cut it up until small cubes and finished cooking it on the stove before I put it in with my veggies. If you prefer you can always cut it up from raw and fry it up and skip the baking step. It’s really up to you how you prepare the chicken, I always just make sure it’s cooked before I add it in with the veggies. 


Once the chicken has browned up I add it in with the veggies and let all of it continue to cook until it gets nice and brown and a little crispy (the crispiness is just my preference) 🙂



This is usually how it looks once it’s all finished. This last step is also optional. I like to add the rice into the frying pan with it and mix it all together. If you prefer you can just spoon this onto your rice and leave them separate. You can either it is plain like this, which is delicious, or you can do what our family sometimes does, and add a can of cream of mushroom soup to it and heat it up all together. I like it both ways, but it’s completely up to you!


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and more importantly, I hope you enjoy this delicious chicken stir fry recipe! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

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