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A Little Wisdom for Wednesday- Tai Chi style!


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Happy Hump Day, once again! Today’s wisdom is short and sweet 🙂 As I have already mentioned I am taking an Aging & Tai Chi course as well as a Spirituality course and learning how to breathe was one of the first things we were taught. In class my professor talks about calming our “monkey mind” or “mind monkey” it is a Buddhist term that refers to being “unsettled” or “restless.” They say this because our minds never stop, we are constantly thinking about something, so it is  so important to take time out of your day to find a little peace. Stop and take a deep breath and find that stillness, even if it is only for a few moments. You would be surprised how great it can feel to relax your “monkey mind” 🙂 Also if you have ever considered taking a Tai Chi course but were hesitant for any reason, don’t be! There are so many amazing benefits of practicing Tai Chi. I have done a few article reviews regarding the physical and psychological improvements and it is quite fascinating! Tai Chi can reduce stress and anxiety and help improve your sleep quality. It can even help increase your self-esteem, plus it is so relaxing and anybody and at any level of functioning can take part. There are many seated versions out there for older adults or for those who have limited functioning. I get to practice in class a few times a week and it is one of my favourite classes! Serious, you should try it! 🙂 

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