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My top three go-to clean recipes from Dashing Dish

Lately I have been trying to make healthier choices and part of that for me means prepping my meals ahead of time. It is one way for me to control the food I eat for the week and saves the headache of trying to figure out what my lunches/dinners will be. I usually dedicate a couple days of the week for “prep days”. I choose three or four clean recipes and collect the ingredients ahead of time so I can reserve my “prep days” for cooking only.

A few months ago my roommate found a recipe book at Costco called “Dashing Dish” and it has seriously changed my life! The founder, Katie Farrell has basically created her own “clean” versions of the recipes that we all know and love. This has been huge for me because I am from a family who loves to cook, and believe me, we are all about those comfort foods! With Dashing Dish, I can actually still eat my favourite meals, just healthier versions that still taste delicious!

So after studying all the clean recipes and trying them out for myself, I am going to share my top three go-to clean recipes!

1. Lightened Up Salmon Cakes

Lightened Up Salmon Cakes
{Click here for recipe}

2. Chicken Pot Pie Muffins

Chicken Pot Pie Muffins
{Click here for recipe}


3. Sweet Potato Turkey Meatloaf

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatloaf
{Click here for recipe}

All of these recipes are so delicious, but even more importantly, they are so easy to make! It takes no time at all to whip up two or three of these recipes at a time because once you have your pantry stocked with healthy ingredients most of the recipes are quite similar. I find that I usually have all the ingredients on hand for most of the recipes from her book. I love how easy and convenient these clean recipes are! If you don’t already own this cook book, you should really consider getting a hard copy because it is packed with amazing clean recipes that anyone can make!

Have you heard of Dashing Dish, if so, what is your favourite recipe?

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