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DIY {Stone Patio}

I thought  a backyard project would be fun and I have always wanted a stone patio. How hard can it be to mix up some concrete and lay in a few pieces of flat stone?  All I have to do is gather the stone, and as luck would have it, a new highway was just built in our area. So, there is no trouble to find plenty of stone nearby, I have a cement mixer, and plenty of fine gravel for mix so all this will cost me is a few bags of portland cement from my local hardware store.


 It’s always a good idea to make sure you have the necessary materials on hand before you start.


I took the time to dry fit the stones as you can see in the picture above.


I used 2×6 lumber that I had laying around to build a form for the concrete. Cement is easy to use when it’s wet, but it sets up pretty quickly. You’re not going to want to leave it while you go get more stones. Pour the concrete to just below the top of the form to allow for displacement when you place the stone.



Thankfully I was able to get my son to help out with the wheel barrow.


After a long day of work the job is complete.


I have to say that the overall project was a success, but now it looks like we need to buy a new patio set!

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