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DIY fall hutch display with chalkboard printable and spray paint!

Hello everyone, I have been working on a few spray paint projects lately and I decided it was time to actually put them to use! I like to change up my hutch every now and then, especially with the changing seasons, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to put together a fall hutch display. 

spray painted vase

Mom had this vase kicking around her house so we thought we would try spray painting it and see how it would turn out. It was such a good idea because I think it looks awesome! I love how much the texture pops now compared to when it was just clear glass.

Spray Painted Bottles

We also decided to spray paint a wine bottle and a mason jar mostly because we were running out of things to spray paint, but I also think they turned out well. If you are interested in spray painting a few items you have laying around your house you should check out our easy spray paint post! I have also painted mason jars with acrylic paint but for the purpose of my fall hutch display I thought these worked the best 🙂

Fall Hutch

These candle holders came from the dollar store but I think they are so cute and they conveniently match my fall hutch theme! I placed them on a couple small black saucers that I recently inherited from my Nan while she was cleaning out her cupboards. I had no idea what I was going to do with them when I brought them home but luckily I quickly found a good use for them. 

I also found this lovely fall chalkboard printable on Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss and put it in a black frame that came from the dollar store. I am obsessed with chalkboard print outs like this, they are so adorable! I was sad when Halloween came and went because I had to take down my Halloween chalkboard printable, but then I realized that I could make a fall hutch display with this one!


I know this fall hutch display is quite simple, but I am still keeping an open mind about things that I may be able to add to it. Overall I am quite happy with it and it only took a few minutes of arranging items that I already had. In this picture you can see the clock on the bottom shelf of my hutch. It came from Ryan’s grandparents and it matches the hutch so well that I usually leave it even when I decide to switch up my display.

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