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DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

If you have been by the blog lately you can see that we are pretty excited about fall and we have recently shared Fall Mesh Wreaths, but I also wanted to do another “home tour” and show off some of our DIY fall decor on a budget. I know fall is almost over but I usually drag it out as long as possible because I just love all the beautiful colours and smells!

DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

The majority of these ideas are from basic items that you can find around the house or pick up at the Dollar Store. If you are feeling a little more crafty and you like to crochet, then you’ll probably love these crochet pumpkins! I know they have been surfacing all over Pinterest lately so we decided to take a stab at it ourselves!

DIY Fall Decor on a Budget

You can find a great pattern for these lovely pumpkins over at Crochet Dynamite or if you prefer smaller ones you can stop by What You Sow and check out their take on the pattern. I think a combination of a few smaller ones with the larger ones are nice!

DIY Fall Decor on a Budget

Personally, these small ones catch my eye– especially that variegated one! I think these are a great DIY project if you are on a budget. You can spruce up your home decor with these crochet pumpkins that last all year 😉

Fall DIY on a budget

DIY Fall Decor on a Budget

If you are looking for a little more inspiration for a fall wreath check out the rest of our Fall Mesh Wreath collection 🙂 They are just so gorgeous, I can’t get enough of them!


Some of these items that we are using for fall decor have been picked up along the years from thrift shops or just hand-me-downs that we have spruced up with some fresh flowers.

flowers 3

This is a beautiful vase that could easily be recreated with some paint and a little creativity. The pumpkin beside it is most likely from a dollar store and the flowers were only $1.50. This just goes to show that there are endless possibilities to decorate on a budget!

DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

leaves and pumpkins

DIY fall decor on a budget at its finest right here! Stuff a bunch of leaves and a couple of picks in a vase and VIOLA! I think the crochet pumpkins look nice beside them, but you could use real gourds or any other small fall trinkets you may have around the house.

mason jar set

You can’t have a DIY project without mason jars! 😉 As you can see, these are old jars that we had kicking around the house. I thought the orange one was pretty neat– if you look closely it actually says “Peanut Butter”. We used chalkboard paint on the green and red one, and the orange one was painted with a little acrylic paint. We bought the burlap trim from the Dollar store and pinned it in the back with a small pin but glue would also do the trick.

DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

This is a cute deco block that we decorated a while back that we always dig out every fall. It has string lights inside (there’s a hole drilled in the back) and we frosted the glass with a little Mod Podge and glitter. You can wrap it with some fall ribbon and use flowers and picks to decorate the top. We usually secure the decorations with tape so that we can swap out the decor if we want to change things up with new items later on. You can also use hot glue if you like things a little more permanent 🙂

DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

DIY Fall Decor On A Budget

I think these cans look really cute with some flowers and of course those crochet pumpkins again! 🙂 All of these images are from around the house with items that we already had. If you are starting from scratch, you can pretty much go to any Dollar store and get enough supplies to work with. A little ribbon, flowers and burlap and you’re all set! Sometimes you just have to get creative and take a look around your house and see what you can swap out, spruce up and fall-ify! 


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Thanks for stopping by & happy crafting!

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