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3 & 4 Strand Braided Bread Recipe

Hello friends, today I am sharing a different take on our normal Two Hour Bread Recipe. We have been making this recipe on a regular basis for the past few years and we have made different variations including pizza dough and cinnamon rolls. Dad gave us the idea to try this really neat 3 & 4 strand braided bread recipe that he once saw, so we did a little research and we managed to figure it out quite easily!

Here’s the tutorial we followed from The Bread Kitchen. As you can see, she shows how to go clear up to 9 strands!

3 & 4 Strand Braided Bread

The 3 strand is pretty self-explanatory but the 4 strand got a little tricky! Once you get the hang of the pattern it’s very repetitive and works up quickly. We made up a little song to help us remember the pattern 😛

braided bread

This is what they looked like as soon as we got them on the pan. After an hour they were big and puffy and all ready for the oven!

3 & 4 Strand Braided Bread

We served these braided breads with our Thanksgiving dinner this year. The braid pulls apart nicely and makes it easy to share. Everyone can grab a strand and away you go! I think they look a little fancier than your traditional pan of rolls, plus your friends will totally be impressed with your “advanced” baking skills! 🙂

bread 4

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